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As such, if you’re discipline to an attack, even if the IP looks dubious, law enforcement with the courts will access the data and get the precise vicinity of the individual that “attacked” you online. Remember that you simply cannot record videos, or take photos of folks without their knowledge and permission. Even if you did get their permission, never put up online another person’s photo or texts with identification or streaming video with out their consent. If you do so, you’re answerable for damages, if any arise. Recording media without any other person’s consent is illegal, if any other side finds out, even when you didn’t distribute their tips, you’re liable, more so if you published the data with the intent to harm. I love Omegle and Chatroulette. If the belief of talking to a stranger for your own is too much, enlist the help of a more outgoing friend. With her help, you can practice talking to strangers while still having a familiar face to make you’re feeling at ease. Don’t let your friend carry all the dialog, though. Make sure she knows that you want to give a contribution greater than you may constantly give a contribution. dotTech’s resident web and Android app hunter. Writes reviews in her free time.